Brokers stuns onlookers in Sinclair C5

Jogga Teidy, a mortgage advisor from Manor Park, is stunning the streets of Newham with a blast from the past as he cruises to and from work in his retro three wheeled C5.

Rather than purchasing a flash new car Teidy restored the iconic 1980s vehicle into working order after buying it on eBay and has plans to develop his own commercial trike based on the C5 design.

He said: “I get an amazing response. People whoop and laugh when I go past. Everyone is very excited.”

The Sinclair C5 was invented by Sir Clive Sinclair and can be powered by pedalling as well as by its battery-charged motor to a blazing top speed of 15mph.

Teidy has type 2 diabetes and says that he has found that using the classic vehicle from the 1980s has helped him manage his condition and keep much fitter than before.

He has also submitted an entry for the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs’ “Poetry for Peace” competition.