Brokers benefit from equity release club

Launched on 24 September, the club will be managed initially by Stuart Wilson, managing director of Equity Advice.

Wilson said: “Brokers in this specialist market need to ‘belong’ and we wanted to build a facility that is just for them and focused on their needs.

“We want the Club to become a natural place for specialist advisers, but also for those starting out in this field as we aim to bring personal development training to be the central core of the Club”

Club benefits include:

  • Enhanced Procuration fees paid direct to brokers, or via their Networks.
  • Product fact sheets, provider registration details and web links
  • Exclusive products
  • On line Registration
  • Training credit scheme
  • Special software offers & additional services to be announced
  • No membership costs
  • Sticker based process for simplicity
  • Download documents section to be launched offering templates for factfinding, suitability etc..
  • Regular newsletters
The Club will focus on personal development for members, and each time an application is submitted to providers a “training credit” is earned, once a member has accumulated 6 credits they will not only receive a free invitation to development events but also additional special offers.

Providers featured include:

  • Prudential
  • Stonehaven
  • Hodge
  • New Life
  • Tomorrow
  • Bridgewater
  • Retirement Plus
  • Equibis
  • The Exchange
  • Powell Callen Solicitors
Pre-registration is open at and the first Development day is being held on 24th September 2007. Additional providers and services will be announced in October.