Brokers and lenders wrestle with assault course

The event features an exhausting 10 kilometre cross-country run followed by an assault course, which is claimed to be the toughest in the world.

‘Tough Guy’ Lorenzo Satchell, divisional sales manager for the South from Lancaster Mortgage Corportation, was part of a nine broker and lender strong team who completed the challenge.

He said: “The course really takes its toll and we were all shaking with hypothermia by the end, but you learn a lot about yourself and I think I am mad enough to try it again next year!

“If you really want to challenge yourself, I would say ‘go for it’.”

Lorenzo, who completed the course in just over three hours, took the Tough Guy Challenge for the first time in January as a way of testing his fitness to the limit.

The route forces contestants to wade chest-deep through a half a mile of muddy water, crawl through flooded tunnels, scale 40 foot high walls, negotiate pits of fire and even suffer electric shocks.

Lorenzo was competing for The Children’s Trust.