Broker marketing service launched

The service is designed to help brokers sharpen up their marketing in anticipation of partial market recovery in 2010 and comprises a marketing audit, tailor-made strategic marketing plan and an ‘ideas into action’ workshop.

Ian Giles will spend a day interviewing key senior management on site at the company (or via telephone), putting ’10 killer questions’ to them as part of the sales & marketing strategy audit. He will then carry out a strategic marketing plan, tailored to the particular broker’s strengths, weaknesses and needs, covering:

a. The broker’s key selling propositions, which differentiate it in the eyes of its target market from competitors.

b. How to reach the target market via direct and indirect means – i.e. B2C and B2B marketing communications.

c. Diversification of product portfolio – upselling and cross-selling to the defined target market.

d. Practical tips on marketing databases, e-mail campaigns, monthly newsletters, dynamic and interactive websites, regional PR and brand


He will then spend half a day presenting the plan to senior management in person, so that they can take away the recommendations and start implementing them immediately at minimum cost and maximum effectiveness.

Commenting, Ian said: “I have been working with a number of larger brokers and networks on a consultancy basis since launching Ian Giles Marketing in January this year but I have met many brokers whose scale deters them from hiring a marketing consultant on a ‘days per month’ basis.

”So I’ve developed the IGM Broker Makeover to cater for their needs - a transparent, fixed price package made up of a marketing audit, customised marketing plan and implementation advice, all for under £1,000.”