Brits spending habits up and down

The spending habits of almost half (47%) of Brits move up and down, with over 55s (51%) most commonly taking this approach.

Young people between 25-34 are least likely to move up and down with their spending, but 43% still adopt such an approach.

Britain’s biggest yoyo savers can be found in Wales (57%), while the North East are least likely (42%).

Julie Hutchison, personal finance expert at Standard Life, said: “Knowing that so many Brits yoyo about when it comes to money is slightly worrying. But it’s also encouraging to know that these same people can be savvy cost cutters when they want to be.

“They just need to channel that smart behaviour so they build up a savings pot, rather than just bankroll a spending spree.

“Then they can enjoy controlled spending and won’t feel guilty or anxious. Families certainly seem to be doing their best to avoid the financial uncertainty of the up and down of the yoyo approach.”