Brits out of control of their finances

According to the survey they stress about it more than their jobs or health.

One in five adults (18%) are most stressed about their financial future, for example, not being able to afford a house or a holiday while 17% are most stressed about their current finances, like paying their mortgage or other monthly payments. Less people are stressed about their job (14%) or health (12%) in comparison.

Half the population (49%) believe they could actually save money by taking better care of their finances, yet are doing nothing about it.

Lack of time is a big factor when looking at why people don't sort their finances out. Worryingly only 16% know they could save money if they looked for the best deals, but can't be bothered to spend the time researching the best options.

Meanwhile, nearly one in ten who think they could save money (9%) feel they don't have the time to sort their finances out, and a further one in ten (9%) don't understand their finances properly, or know what is best for their needs.

Kevin Mountford, head of banking at said: "It is worrying so many people feel their finances are out of control and don't want to take a little time to put it right. People may feel pressured to ‘keep up with the Jones's' and therefore fail to rein in their spending. However, this coupled with inertia and lack of understanding is why there is glaring gap between people being stressed and scared about their finances, but not and actually doing anything about it.

"If consumers take time to sit down, get the information they need to sort out their finances, they will find that a complete change in lifestyle is not necessarily required. Often a small change in the way people use their financial products, or simply switching to deals that are more suited to their needs can make a huge difference."