Brits living abroad need mortgage advice

With over 150,000 Britons last year making the decision to move abroad, Connect Overseas is reminding brokers that expats are an important source of potential new business.

Geoff Simmonds, head of operations at Connect Overseas, said the latest figures from the ONS should make interesting reading for brokers who have been short of new business opportunities.

He said: “Over one third of the 150,000 who emigrated last year were going to take up paid employment and the majority were of working age. This suggests that there is a ready demand for mortgage advice on foreign property as well as ancillary help on property which might need to be rented out in the UK.”

Simmonds said with over 4.7 million Brits living abroad, Connect Overseas believes that there is a healthy market for brokers in servicing the immediate needs of new expats and opportunities to help the existing expat community who need help buying or remortgaging a home in Briton.