Brits crave detached country living

The study revealed half of those questioned would prefer their ideal home to be detached, with a bungalow the next choice for 17 per cent and 13 per cent choosing a conversion, such as a barn, castle, mill, school or vicarage. New builds were the most popular type of housing, with 22 per cent of the 1,321 people surveyed placing it as top choice.

When it came to location, the countryside was the nation’s preferred choice, coming out top with 30 per cent of people opting to live there. The seaside came second for a quarter of people, while a ‘quaint’ village was the ideal for 13 per cent.

The study also showed the ideal home would feature three bedrooms along with a conservatory and playroom, and environmentally friendly features were also important for almost two-thirds of those questioned.

Phil Jenks, head of mortgages at Halifax, said: “Although many of us live in towns or cities, there is no disputing that a house in the country is what the majority of us aspire to. The preference for new build detached properties shows that people want their home to be personal to them and that space and privacy is also important.”

Nick Hanson, director of Hanson Financial Management, said: “People have rose-tinted glasses when thinking about their ideal detached property in the country. The reality is, many villages and new builds are very expensive and, with interest rates as they are, that move would be a nightmare scenario.”