British Friendly makes trio of changes

The underwriting initiatives are designed to help advisers.

British Friendly makes trio of changes

British Friendly has withdrawn non-medical limits and introduced both tele-interviewing and virtual screenings.

The firm will no longer request medical evidence from an applicant based on age and benefit alone. This will apply to any pipeline clients and requirements will be cancelled as appropriate.

It has also expanded its partnership with Morgan Ash to tele-interview applicants wherever possible when additional evidence is required. This will minimise the need to write to applicants and cut the workload for advisers.

The virtual screening service, provided by Square Health, allows British Friendly to underwrite applicants remotely where a screening is required.

The mutual is still issuing and receiving GP reports and will continue to do so for as long as it is possible to have them completed by surgeries.

Tom Conner, director at adviser Drewberry, said: “The current environment is a challenging time and any help to get clients apply and go on-risk quicker is very welcome.

"All three changes are very positive for advisers and our clients and the withdrawal of non-medical limits in particular is a market-leading initiative that will be a big help.”

Gordon Hull, chief executive officer of British Friendly, added: “We are doing all we can to help advisers get their clients the cover they need with the minimum of disruption and complexity.

"For that reason, we have launched these three important changes to the way we underwrite our applicants. We believe these initiatives will be of great benefit to advisers in helping them to get more clients through the underwriting process quickly and with the minimum of disruption during a very difficult time for their normal working processes.”