Britannia in pole position for its website

SiteMorse, who conduct this survey each month, ranked thirty-eight financial institutions in the UK on a variety of tests, scoring each up to a maximum of 10 points, with Britannia receiving 8.13 points overall in first place, with second place receiving 7.37 points.

The ranking is based on compliance to web accessibility guidelines, the quality of the web structure and HTML code as well as the web server response time. The focus of the work to create and maintain the high quality of the Britannia website was to ensure that is available to as many people as possible, including those with disabilities, such as visually impairment.

Linda Mellor, website manager at Britannia, said: "This survey has been a great tool in terms of highlighting the areas where we needed to improve performance for our customers, and I'm delighted that Britannia's website has undergone this rigorous test, and has come out on top. The real winners are of course, the customers."