Bristol & West pilots ‘100 Plus’ mortgage

This mortgage will allow customers to borrow up to 110% of the value of their property.

This mortgage is different to any currently available, as 95% LTV will be a secured loan and any additional borrowing up to 15% will be set up as a second charge on the property. The good news for borrowers is that they will still be able to borrow up to four times their income. Brokers will also appreciate that because each of their clients is different, each case submitted will be looked at on an individual basis and manually credit scored. With Bristol & West Mortgages borrowers are also not restricted to having their mortgage for a 25 year term – the lender will allow borrowers to pay back their mortgage over a longer period of time, right up to retirement age if it will help them to afford their payments.

The mortgage is being piloted through a small number of brokers who have had experience of doing high loan-to-value business. The pilot will last for six weeks.