Brilliant expands secured panel

Portal Portfolio recently announced a new tranche of independent funding and lends to all qualifying homeowners.

Matthew Arena, managing director at Brilliant, said: “We believe that secured loans have a robust future as part of the product mix available to intermediaries. This is especially true at a time when so many clients have found that remortgaging is not suitable because of redemption penalties or that the remortgage rate being offered was not in their best interests.

“Therefore we are delighted to welcome Portal Portfolio as the latest addition to our lender panel. With loan to values up to 80% for the employed or self-employed on either their main residential or buy-to-let properties, Portal Portfolio provides a number of new opportunities for consideration by our brokers. Property developers who want to expand their portfolios will find it particularly interesting.”

Tim Moore, managing director at Portal Portfolio, said: “Brilliant Loans has an excellent reputation in the market place as part of the Brilliant Solutions broker proposition. Being added to their panel is an exciting development for Portal Portfolio and we look forward to working with them.”