Bright Grey enhances its Critical Illness Cover

This takes the number of illnesses covered to 35, including four ABI+ definitions, ones that are over and above the ABI standard.

Widening the cover with the addition of new conditions and increased definitions, without increasing the current pricing, fits in with Bright Grey's philosophy of offering value for money.

The new definitions are:

* Primary pulmonary hypertension

* Systemic lupus erythematosus

The improved definitions are for:

* Aorta graft surgery - traumatic injury has been added

* Coma - the need for the use of a life support system to be for a continuous period of at least 96 hours has been removed

* Third degree burns - burns to the face has been added

Roger Edwards, Proposition Director at Bright Grey said: "It's important that we develop our products to continue to meet customers' needs by updating and adding new conditions where appropriate.

"While the focus is often on the number of conditions providers cover, it's important that advisers don't lose sight of the fact that it's the product as a whole that is important. Protection products that offer the best value include a number of different elements, including clear and simple literature, a comprehensive and sensible list of conditions and aspects such as practical and emotional support."