Bright Grey cuts Critical Illness non-disclosure

The youngest claimant was 21 years old. The average age of critical illness claimants is 43 for men and 39 for women and 70% of critical illness claims were for cancer.

Roger Edwards, proposition director at Bright Grey said: "Our latest claims results show that we're making real progress, paying more claims and driving down the number of claims that are declined due to non-disclosure.

"Non-disclosure has been an issue that has concerned the industry for a long time, but our figures provide a reassurance that our plan owners can be confident that claims will be paid. Our Helping Hand also provides the reassurance that a Bright Grey policy provides a vital nursing service at a time when clients need it most."

With the help of RED ARC, plan owners benefit from case management by a fully qualified nurse, home visits, counselling and a range of complementary therapies to help them manage their situation and reach their optimum recovery.

Karen Robertson, a fitness instructor from Dumfries, is a plan owner whose condition wasn't covered by her Critical Illness plan, but benefited from the RED ARC service, which is included in every personal protection menu plan at no extra cost. Karen explains:

"I thought I was having a stroke, although later diagnosis confirmed I'd suffered a hemiplegic migraine, a rare condition that includes temporary paralysis down one side of the body. At the time I felt so debilitated I couldn't work and was discharged from hospital feeling very much alone and without a clear idea of the root of the problem.

"If it hadn't been for Helping Hand, I wouldn't be where I am today. When you take insurance out, you think you're never going to need it. But Helping Hand really saved the day for me."

In addition to financial payouts, 93% of Bright Grey's plan owners and their families who were contacted by RED ARC, used the Helping Hand service, as Jan Dryden, Nursing Services Director of RED ARC explains:

"This has been another very busy year for RED ARC which highlights the need for the unique service that we provide for Bright Grey plan owners and their families. Many of those that we support require long term emotional input and really appreciate the availability of this service."