Boulger: Housing demand to rise outside London

He was responding to Ernest and Young’s spring forecast, which said housing investment around the country should “keep a lid” on rising prices with the exception of London where demand is so high.

But Boulger said: “Demand is increasing outside London. The differential between London and the rest of the UK has never been larger.

“There comes a point where people living in London will think of moving outside and accepting the extra commuting time because they realise ‘I can have a much better way of life’.”

He added that many forecasts fail to take into consideration that it takes a minimum of 18 months from land being acquired to property being completed.

Logistics which make house building a timely and costly process include employing enough workmen on site and having the necessary materials such as bricks and glass, Boulger said.

He added: “Logistics mean that developers can’t suddenly increase supply overnight.

“There will be a significant percentage of housing completions, but that will be less than they need to be to bring supply with