Borro extends seminar and networking programme

The seminars provide the opportunity for advisers to see exactly where Borro can make a difference to clients and to offer the opportunity to network with Borro personnel and fellow professionals.

Borro provides short term lending facilities to clients of IFAs, mortgage brokers, accountants, solicitors, lawyers, wealth managers and tax advisers. Rather than securing loans against property, Borro offers short term loans to clients ranging from £1000 to £1,000,000 secured against personal assets of value including jewellery, luxury watches, gold, fine art, antiques, sculptures and luixury cars.

Borro's CEO, Paul Aitken, said: "The aim of the seminars is to show advisers exactly where Borro can make a difference to their clients, as well as have the opportunity to network afterwards with Borro personnel and fellow professionals over a drink and a bite to eat. Because we lend against high net worth personal assets, rather than bricks and mortar, we can provide so much more flexibility in terms of funding options. Our first seminar was a great success and provided opportunities for advisers of all disciplines to see first hand not only how Borrow works but also how it values high value assets such as Jewellery, Luxury Watches, Gold, Fine Art, Antiques and Luxury Cars."

He added: “From the conversations I had after the presentation, it was clear that advisers are particularly keen to explore new forms of lending and many told me that seeing the Borro proposition explained face to face had been very valuable. I really recommend any adviser to catch us at our seminars in Manchester and Birmingham because I know they can benefit as can their clients.”

Nick Sneddon, managing director of Alt-FS Bridging, added: “The seminar was a real eye opener. I had already understood the basic proposition but was particularly impressed with how the company was funded and the professionalism it employs to value the assets it lends against. I can really see where this kind of funding will benefit clients.”

Places can be booked for Manchester directly by going to and for Birmingham at