Borro expands team

Kpokpoya was a professional basketball player in her native France and Europe between 1994 and 2005.

She now has 10 years’ experience in a number of European professional service companies, the last three within financial services.

She is London based and will be responsible for building relationships within the sports and entertainment industry and also the international SME market.

Claire Gates, managing director at Borro, said: “We have really taken our time to find the right person to engage with the wider intermediary market.

“Nyedzi’s international background, experience and team spirit made her an ideal business development manager to look after new verticals for Borro.

“As a company Borro continues to work closely with the intermediary market to ensure professional advisers have a full understanding of what we do and how we can help service the needs of new and existing clients.

“Nyedzi will certainly prove to be an integral link in this chain as the business looks to develop even closer ties with sports and entertainment as well as with the intermediary market.”

Kpokpoya added: “Borro has an innovative portfolio of services which provide solutions to a range of funding issues and more and more brokers are really starting to embrace the concept of using personal assets as security for a loan.

“I look forward to working closely with the affiliate market to ensure that they and their clients are really getting to grips with the benefits attached to our products while receiving a top quality level of personal service and expertise.”