BM Solutions calls for more investor choice

Currently offering a range of fully portable products, many with fee-free switching options, BM Solutions believes that other lenders should follow suit to ensure that all investors have the opportunity to derive the same benefit from their buy-to-let portfolios.

John Bianco, senior products manger, BM Solutions, explains: "Buy-to-let borrowers are sophisticated investors who, on average, plan to stay in the market for more than ten years. Checking that they are on the most appropriate rate and product is best practice for all investors, allowing them to be confident their investments are working for them.

"Our buy-to-let range enables investors to effectively manage their portfolio, ensuring that they can choose the most appropriate rate and product to suit their needs. All of our products have portability features which means that borrowers can change their property whilst retaining their most suitable rate. We don't see why more of the market shouldn't follow our lead and offer all investors the choice and flexibility to manage their investment," concluded Bianco.