BLL appoints packager partners

The quartet will market BLL products to intermediaries, take enquiries, provide AIPs and then process applications.

The four packagers are Commercial Mortgage Solutions based in Bournemouth, JRC Commercial Morgages plc from Huddersfield, Omega Commercial Solutions Ltd based in Welwyn Garden City and TFC Commercial Ltd from Warrington.

Kevin Cooke, sales & marketing director at BLL, said: “We wanted to work with a geographical spread of partners who have an in-depth knowledge of the commercial market and will use their expertise to take our message to the intermediary market. Each of our new partners will act as a regional point of contact for BLL but of course intermediaries can choose to deal with any one of the four that they prefer. We are working closely with our partners to ensure that intermediaries get the support they require. We felt that the best way to distribute our products was through specialist packagers rather than through a centralised function. Our partners are closer to the market and will be able to provide a more broker focussed service.”

Adrian Coles, managing director at Commercial Mortgage Solutions, said: “We are looking forward to working with BLL. They have identified a lending niche which intermediaries will find very useful and we are thrilled that a new lender has decided to work directly with commercial specialist packagers. The commercial mortgage market is still growing and intermediaries thinking about coming into this market will benefit from the experience that BLL’s selected partners can bring.”