Birmingham mortgage fraud trial delayed

Ajaib, a businessman and former owner of the curry house Al Faisals, was due to appear last week however legal sources have claimed the proceedings have been put on hold as he has been declared medically unfit to stand trial because of depression.

It is unclear whether Ajaib’s trial will go ahead.

An unamed legal source said: “It is held that he is medically unfit to stand trial at this time.

“There is no mention of a trial at this stage but as the case has been adjourned then it is up to the prosecution to see how they are going to proceed if or when the defendant is fit again.”

Ajaib appeared at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court in December 2009 charged with three counts of conspiracy to defraud and two other counts of fraud.

It was alleged there was an attempt to defraud Lloyds TSB, Alliance & Leicester and Yorkshire Bank out of a total of £2.9m between January 2007 and February 2008.

Ajaib at the time said: “I do not feel I have done anything wrong. I do not feel I am guilty and I feel confident I have done nothing.

“If the banks have made mistakes then that is their fault and I should not be in court.”

The Al Faisals restaurant is now under new ownership and the current management is not involved in the court proceedings.