BIBA calls for help to find insurance

In BIBA's response to the Government Equalities Office's consultation on ending age discrimination, which closes today, BIBA is seeking a tailored exception allowing for age to be used in insurance rating provided that it is proportionate to risk and costs, along with a signposting service.

Graeme Trudgill, BIBA's technical and corporate affairs executive, said: "BIBA members are able to offer access and availability to fairly priced insurance to consumers of all ages. We do not believe there is a market failure for older or younger people seeking insurance.

"We believe that a problem in obtaining insurance occurs because consumers do not know where they can obtain appropriate cover. It is not reasonable for consumers to have to search extensively and therefore we believe it is extremely important that the Government supports a system of signposting consumers to suitable protection from an appropriate insurance broker."

Peter Staddon, BIBA head of technical services, added: "BIBA's signposting system is already operational and helps more than a quarter of a million consumers every year. BIBA completely oppose unfair age discrimination and supports a system of proportionate risked based pricing, which is fair to everyone."

BIBA is concerned that many people buy their insurance from the internet or by telephone, and it is often here where insurers refuse cover. The result is that the customer feels let down and left without insurance protection. However, cover is readily available from insurance brokers, but consumers need guidance - through signposting - to direct them to appropriate cover, and ensure they are not at risk.