Beware of cheap ASU

Sandie Schofield, director of CETA, said: "Clients are often too focused on the price of an ASU policy and fail to take into account the overall ‘package’ of benefits they are purchasing.

"Intermediaries should be looking for the policy that is best suited to their client’s needs. This should be one which not only provides the income required but also helps them get back into employment as quickly as possible. This support is unlikely to be provided by the cheapest policy on the market."

Schofield said: "Unfortunately, price has become the main factor determining the purchase of ASU policies. This is short sighted. For a relatively modest increase in the premium, intermediaries can source products that will give their clients access to a wide range of ‘recovery’ services just when they need them most. In the long run, this has got to represent better value for money and ultimately lead to more satisfied customers."