Berkeley Alexander Joins ‘Protect’

Geoff Hall, Berkley Alexander managing director, said: “The Protect Association has built up a huge following since its launch in 1999.

“As one of the UK’s pre-eminent protection providers we felt that it was important that we got involved and provided our support.

“We believe it is more important than ever that we raise awareness of the benefits of protection products and tackle the poor perception from within the industry, the media and the wider public about the benefits of protection, in particular ASU.”

“We very much look forward to the putting the combined power of Protect and its members together to deliver some positive messaging, backed up by industry wide information and statistics, that will help advisors tackle these issues with their clients and support their sales process.

“If sold correctly income protection and ASU are valuable products and with a joined up approach I believe we have a good chance of turning the tide on some of the negative perceptions that still exist in the market.”

Steve Devine of Protect added: “I am delighted that Berkeley Alexander have joined Protect. With key stakeholders like BA leading the way I am hoping that others will follow them into Protect. Providers and distributors working together is the only way we will lift protection insurance to the level it should be at in consumer's awareness.”