B&B selects Marlborough Stirling's mortgage point-of-sale solution

The new contract builds on the existing relationship between the two companies under which Marlborough Stirling has already successfully implemented its Omiga mortgage application processing solution for Bradford & Bingley.

Whilst the installed application processing solution handles processes between receipt of an application and completion, such as credit checking, payments and underwriting, the new contract involves delivery of Omiga’s point-of-sale module. This module provides Bradford & Bingley with a single point-of-sale system that supports lead management, customer relationship management, mortgage sourcing, factfinds, needs analysis and electronic applications.

The system will help Bradford & Bingley’s staff quickly and easily match products to client requirements and provide high quality service at the point of sale. They will be able to source and process mortgage products from Bradford & Bingley’s panel of mortgage lenders and ultimately to cross-sell mortgage-related products from its partnerships with insurance providers.

The Omiga point-of-sale solution will be integrated with the mortgage application processing and servicing solution that was successfully launched by Marlborough Stirling and Unisys for Bradford & Bingley in October 2004. This utilises the Omiga application processing module to provide consistent and efficient straight-through-processing (STP) from all distribution channels through to UFSS, Bradford & Bingley’s mortgage servicing platform.

Together all components form an integrated end-to-end mortgage application processing and servicing solution that delivers significant efficiency improvements and cost savings, as well as being able to accommodate growth in Bradford & Bingley’s lending business within the newly regulated mortgage market.

The combination of Omiga and UFSS gives Bradford & Bingley the flexibility required to design and implement new products quickly and efficiently in order to further competitive advantage in today’s rapidly evolving mortgage market.

Commenting on the project, Bradford & Bingley group operations director, Robert Dickie, said:

“Omiga already plays a pivotal role in our mortgage process and this new contract extends the benefits it can deliver to the point-of-sale. It will significantly help the efficiency of our lead generation and sales process and enhance the service our staff are able to provide our customers.”

David Edwards, managing director, mortgages at Marlborough Stirling comments:

“We are very proud of the successful implementation of Omiga at Bradford & Bingley to date and this new contract is a great endorsement of the benefits we are able to deliver. Once the point-of-sale elements of Omiga are integrated with the existing application processing system, Bradford & Bingley will benefit from the full power of Omiga in terms of efficiency improvement, time saving and cost reduction.”