Battling on for brokers

The other ‘free numbers’ – 0800 for example – would be the least the lenders could do. After all, we are trying to give them business and they respond by charging us for the privilege. Trying to get lenders to agree that they are ‘ripping us off’ is like trying to get them to admit their excessive deeds discharge fees are not a ‘rip off’ of for customers.

There is, of course, an answer to this all. All 0870 numbers and the like sit over a ‘real’ number. The remedy to stop controversy is to give us the ‘real’ and then let us choose the number to ring. I have an all-in telephone package that I can call ‘real’ numbers locally and nationally at any time for the inclusive price. No prizes for guessing the option I would take.

Danny Lovey

The Mortgage Practitioner