Barclays Wealth launches electronic guide to structured products

The guide, which can been accessed free through, has been made available online to meet mounting demand for increased levels of information about structured products and how they are constructed and work in practice.

Aimed specifically at financial advisers, the guide is designed to enhance knowledge of both modern and more traditional structured products and how they can be used effectively as a key portfolio planning tool. Specific areas the guide looks at include:

What structured products are and how they are created

How structured products and their features have evolved

Current designs and features

How structured products can be used in portfolio planning

What to check for when assessing structured products

Colin Dickie, director, Barclays Wealth says: "I don't think there has ever been a more appropriate time to launch a guide to structured products. While recent events at Lehman's have dented the reputation of a number of providers it will not reduce the very real and growing demand we are seeing from advisers and their clients for investments that provide protection.

"Having said that, structured products are still relatively misunderstood by large sections of the adviser community and as a result underutilised as an effective financial planning tool. By introducing an electronic version of our popular guide to structured products we are hoping to change this and by doing so increase understanding of protected investments among intermediaries and their clients."