BAMN offers Independence Day incentive

Richard Hall, managing director of BAMN, says that with regulation by the FSA just around the corner, the aim of the scheme is to help those brokers who still can’t decide whether they wish to register with the FSA or join a network and to remind them that they now only have a year to decide.

“For us, the decision for brokers is not a difficult one – they can either choose to register with the FSA and incur the costs or join a network, such as BAMN, which is committed to embracing the added costs of regulation and take pressure off mortgage intermediaries,” he said.

To benefit from the scheme, intermediaries must submit four packaged cases before 4th July. They will then receive eight free mortgage leads for an area of their choice.

“These leads are of very high quality and there are no restrictions to the number of cases an intermediary can send in – the more cases packaged the more leads an intermediary can receive,” said Hall.

The Newcastle-based network offers a full range of assistance to intermediaries, including exclusive products CeMap training. The Network also offers full compliance support, including appointed representative status and trainee positions for new recruits.