Badger reports 30% increase in instructions

Douglas Sleaper, group sales director of Badger Holdings, commented: "Many housing commentators have recognised that a large part of the impetus in rising prices during 2009 has come from the chronic shortage of new stock coming to the market. However, comparing Q3 with Q2 we have seen a 30% increase in instruction numbers as sellers recognise that the market has improved significantly during the year, tempting them to put their home up for sale.

“Although figures are still of course historically low this is a definite sign of improvement in confidence. The motivation varies but we are seeing increasing numbers of 'reluctant landlords' selling their buy-to-let properties as well as other sellers who are fortunate to have enough deposit to secure a mortgage that enables them to trade upmarket."

Sleaper has also seen the balance between sellers and buyers shift again over the summer months. He continued: "It has been widely reported within the industry that there is a shortage of stock versus applicants but we have not yet seen the recent increase in new listings matched by a similar increase in new buyer registration, shifting the balance of supply and demand. What this does to selling prices as we approach Christmas will be interesting but we would expect to see an end to rising prices and even the possibility of small falls for certain areas and property types."