Axis to launch through TBMC

The bank’s official launch is on 27 April 2015 after a pilot period.

Andy Young, chief executive at TBMC, said: “It is exciting to see Axis Bank entering the buy-to-let market, especially as the sector is growing and the demand from landlords is strong.

“Currently, competition between lenders is increasing, pushing rates down and there is a large number of excellent products available for mainstream buy-to-let applications.

“However, there is definitely still room for improvement in niche areas of the buy-to-let mortgage market such as for HMO properties, limited companies and expat applicants.

“This is where Axis Bank will be a particularly useful addition to our lender panel with its specialist product range and a flexible approach to underwriting.”

Axis Bank is exclusively offering products through buy-to-let distributors.

Andrew Ferguson, head of buy-to-let mortgages at Axis Bank, said: “We are looking forward to launching our buy-to-let mortgage proposition in the UK where the sector is in robust shape and developing all the time.

“We have chosen TBMC as one of our key buy-to-let distributors because of its wealth of knowledge and experience in this specialist area of the mortgage market.”