Aviva launches pensions ad campaign

The campaign, which can be seen on UK TV screens from Sunday 4 October, looks at retirement planning from the point of view of a young father and highlights the financial and emotional challenges which today's consumers face.

The adverts are designed to underline the importance of planning for retirement from an early age. A recent Aviva survey of people in their first year of retirement - carried out to support the campaign - shows that 47% wished they had saved more and 41% regretted not saving into a pension sooner.

The campaign builds on the success of two TV advertisements from Aviva's Life business which aired in the summer to support its annuities and life insurance products.

Paul Goodwin, head of pensions marketing for UK Life, Aviva said: "It is widely known that a large proportion of people are not saving enough, or starting their pension soon enough to provide the lifestyle they want in retirement.

"At Aviva we understand the financial pressures that many people in their 20s and 30s are under, but we also know the importance of retirement planning. By getting into the savings habit from an early age and putting even a small amount into a pension each month, an individual could see a huge difference in their retirement income, compared to a similar person who waits.

"This advert is designed to help educate people and encourage them to think about retirement planning from an early age, so we can help to bridge this gap."

A second advert will also be screened to support Aviva healthcare, specifically its MyHealthCounts service which was launched in July this year.