Apprenticeships welcomed in financial services

This is according to Sylvia Perrins, CEO of the National Skills Academy for Financial Services. Commenting on Vince Cable calling for apprentices, Perrins said: "I welcome Vince Cable's comments to increase apprenticeships. We believe that apprenticeships are an integral way for UK businesses to grow talent and build professionalism and we are very happy that the government have shown their support for the scheme.

"Most people think of apprenticeships as being only for "blue collar" industries such as plumbing or carpentry. What many people don't realise is that they are also very suitable for other industries such as financial services, where a combination of on-the-job training, a technical qualification and the appropriate soft skills training are perfect for new entrants to a business.

“At the National Skills Academy for Financial Services, our network of training provider partners delivers apprenticeship programmes for the industry across the many subsectors such as insurance, banking and accountancy. Apprenticeships will be a key way in which the future financial services workforce is trained.”