An ongoing debate

How big does a network have to be to actually create sufficient volume and profitability, or is it more about the quality of adviser? This is an ongoing debate and one that perhaps will never be fully resolved.

Those who have dared to question the value of the league tables are immediately accused of being upset with their position in those tables. Those who are at the top of the league table use this as a badge of success.

My view is that brokers are interested in all network information but that they look at all aspects of a network before joining such as technology, quality of compliance support and price; not just the number of ARs.

Every broker is now clear on what they require from a network and what suits their business, especially in terms of service and value for money. It is certainly a case of one-size does not fit all, which is perhaps one reason why there are still a relatively large number of networks in existence today; more than many commentators would have predicted almost three years after regulation.

I am not entirely convinced that a mortgage intermediary would make a decision based on the number of appointed representatives in a network alone, but it would be fair to say it could be an important factor.

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