AIFA survey on PII

AIFA is still receiving a high volume of calls from members who are experiencing difficulties in providing hard evidence to the FSA of their current state of play in the PII market. AIFA is planning to use this evidence to keep up the pressure in its negotiations with FSA and other relevant parties.

If you fall into any one or more of the following categories then please fill in the survey or, if you haven’t received a copy, contact AIFA:

• You have no PI cover;

• You have accepted non-compliant cover;

• You have renewed since the 1st November 02 and received compliant terms; and/or

• Are in the processing of renewing.

AIFA says it is important that those members who renewed last month and managed to obtain compliant cover do complete the form as they want the survey to represent an accurate picture. AIFA also needs to know the level of premium being paid for compliant cover and the excess levels being applied.

As previously, all information provided to FSA will not be identifiable and will only be used in aggregated form.