AIFA announces new director general

Director of policy Fay Goddard, who has been working alongside Paul Smee since AIFA’s inception, will be acting director General in the interim.

John Gummer, chairman of the Association, said: “We have been able to select our new director general from a very strong field. David is a significant recruit to the IFA cause, bringing with him much experience in regulatory and legislative matters that affect the environment in which IFAs operate. He will also be able to address the growing EU agenda for intermediaries. Fay Goddard, with her practitioner background, is ideally place to see the Association through the transition”

AIFA also announces that following David’s arrival, the AIFA executive will be re-structured to reflect the special skills which each individual brings to the Association.

Fay Goddard will extend her role as director of policy to include mortgage advice. Chris Cummings, currently director of the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries, is to take up the new position of deputy director deneral of the Association. He will be taking on a wider range of responsibilities, whilst retaining his relationship with AMI.

John Gummer added: “Fay Goddard will also become director of policy for the entire organisation. Her contribution to AIFA’s development cannot be over-estimated. Chris has in a very short timeframe built AMI up to a point where it is universally recognised as the voice of mortgage intermediation. His skills will now be available to the Association as a whole. Members will have a very strong team representing them in all areas and at all levels.”