AHL reveals e:valuate strategy

This is to be used rather than using traditional methods such as the fax and e-dip facilities previously available.

AHL has taken this decision for the following reasons:

- Increasingly brokers are choosing to transact online saving them time and money, and there is no doubt e:valuate is an increasingly popular choice for brokers who are researching the non-conforming mortgage market.

- Online technology is no longer the future but is happening now and e:valuate is one of the most sophisticated online decisioning systems in the non-conforming mortgage industry .

Commenting on the move, Peter Bass, sales director of Advantage Home Loans said: “Our decision to stop fax and e-dip facilities is based solely on the requirements of brokers. Today’s broker requires fast accurate decisions coupled with the ability to submit business online, negating the arduous task of re-keying data from the DIP to the application form - therefore e:valuate is the ideal solution. We believe this decision reaffirms our understanding of the market and meets brokers’ needs.”