Advisers targeted in new recruitment drive

Having launched in June 2007, The Commerce Centre already has more than 1,400 advisers signed up to its platform, with a view to attracting 2,000 more by the end of the year, and has established a run-rate in excess of £3 million per year. By the end of 2008, The Commerce Centre plans to have over 4,000 advisers signed up offering a range of non-regulated products through the new portal.

The recruitment campaign is designed to further enhance the direct mail approach and a specific website has been launched to help deliver the message to prospective introducers. Moreover, as part of its proactive approach to helping financial advisers diversify into new and growing areas of the market, The Commerce Centre is sponsoring the current Exchange e-business seminars, which are focusing on how to operate in an increasingly e-commerce-driven marketplace.

Neil Harkin, managing director of The Commerce Centre said: “The expansion of the Commerce Centre is significantly ahead of our targets and the response from the market has been highly enthusiastic. We believe that we offer the most advanced non-regulated proposition available and our aim is to become the largest and most successful portal in the market; to achieve this, a proactive approach to recruitment is essential and we look forward to welcoming more introducers to The Commerce Centre over the coming weeks and months.”