Adviser Home for Octopus

Octopus, one of the UK’s fastest growing retail fund management companies specialising in smaller company investing, will take responsibility for launching its own specialist tax planning website.

The pair are looking to work together to help advisers expand their tax planning investment practices.

Brendan Llewellyn, Adviser Home director, said: “We know that many in our adviser community are keen to widen the types of investment solution they offer their clients and as Octopus are a leader in this area they are a natural provider of the ideas and resources we think advisers will appreciate.”

The tax planning website was launched to complement a new range of tool kits, while it will be accessible through the Adviser Home website.

Mike Slater, Octopus Investments head of strategic partners, said: “Octopus has a reputation for innovation and we have long been committed to finding new and effective ways to help advisers to deliver meaningful solutions to customers.

“The team at Adviser Home share in this commitment and we look forward to working together as we launch further initiatives dedicated to helping advisers over the coming weeks.”

Octopus products include Venture Capital Trusts, Enterprise Investment Schemes, and Inheritance Tax Services, all focusing on delivering government approved tax reliefs for investors through investment in smaller companies.