Adults plan New Year cutbacks

One in five (20%) thinks they will find it harder to cope in 2015 while just half as many (10%) expect things to get easier.

The top reasons for people finding it harder were inflation (54%), no pay rise (36%) or an expected pay cut (17%).

As many as 22% plan to make changes to the way they manage their daily finances in 2015, as 56% of the group say they will stick to a monthly budget.

Jane Symonds, from the Money Advice Service, said: “Although many people are expecting to find it a bit harder to make ends meet in 2015, it is great to see so many plan to take proactive steps to deal with this rather than just bury their heads in the sand.

“Managing finances better and thinking about ways to reduce spending are great New Year’s resolutions – whether you are making them out of necessity or to free up a little extra cash to spend on the things you enjoy.”

Nearly half (47%) of those who hope to reduce their spending are planning on buying cheaper alternatives to their usual products, four in 10 (41%) plan to spend less socialising while over a third (35%) plan to spend less on clothing.

Over a quarter (26%) plan to spend less on presents for others in 2015, while 25% will take a packed lunch to work in a bid to reduce day-to-day spending.

Nearly half (45%) say they will put aside some money each month and 36% will simply make more of an effort to live within their means.