Adele's mortgage tops the UK average 145 times over

If you thought your monthly payments were high…

Adele's mortgage tops the UK average 145 times over

While the average UK mortgage payment is set to rise to £1,285 per month following the 0.50% rate hike, Adele already pays 145 times that amount on her new home in LA – an astonishing amount even for a celebrity with an estimated net worth of £150 million.

The singer recently invested in a mansion previously owned by Sylvester Stallone. The property cost US$58 million (£47.7 million) according to and saw Adele taking out a £31.2 million mortgage. This would mean a monthly payment that amounts to £186,920 including property taxes and a 5% interest rate.

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The mansion stands on 3.5-acres with two floors, a wraparound balcony around the top level, eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a cinema, infinity pool, covered terrace, art studio, and eight-car garage, Hello Magazine reported. In addition, the estate features a two-floor guest house, killer view of Rodeo Drive, and a fully equipped home gym.

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Adele invested in the property in February this year and has since moved in with her partner Rich Paul.