Abbey launches two year fixed rate

Highlights include:

Two-year fixed rate at 4.49 per cent (previously 4.64 per cent)

No early repayment charge

Lal Tawney, Abbey's head of mortgage marketing said: "Our new two year tracker offers a very competitive rate, plus the added bonus of no early repayment charge. This offers the customer the ultimate in flexibility: a low repayment rate and the freedom to remortgage at any time with no penalty should they see a better deal.”

Abbey’s two-year fixed rate mortgage is available from 1 August 2005:

Fixed rate deals

Term - 2 years

Maximum LTV - 75 per cent

Rate - 4.49 per cent

Fee - £5991

Fee can be added to loan

All other fixed rate mortgages remain the same

Also still available are Abbey’s competitive tracker, flexible, cashback, capped rate mortgages.