AA moves into home conveyancing

The new service, AA Home Conveyancing, offers competitive, fixed legal fees and includes ‘mover protection’ which may cover costs if the deal falls through.

Mark Huggins, managing director of AA Ventures, said: “This is a logical development of the AA’s expanding range of home and legal services and a perfect fit with the AA’s ‘most trusted brand’ status.

“It’s launched at a time when the home sales and prices are beginning to pick up, with 19% more homes changing hands than a year ago.”

AA already has a presence in the home services arena, as AA Home Membership offers home emergency cover and can include routine maintenance of plumbing, heating and electrical systems.

The AA is also a home insurance broker, as it provides a range of low-cost online legal documents with legal advice, covering issues such as building work, complaints and disputes, probate, will writing and many others.

Huggins added: “Most are free of charge to AA home insurance policyholders who also have legal expenses cover.

“Many people are unsure where to go for conveyancing and selecting a suitable law firm can be daunting. AA Home Conveyancing provides an instant online quote that includes all costs that might be expected with a home sale or purchase.”