A third of Brits predict a summer rate rise

The research from Lloyds TSB shows that almost a fifth (18%) expect to see an increase in July with a further fifth (19%) expecting interest rates to rise in October 2011.

Two-thirds (62%) believe interest rates will definitely be higher before the start of the New Year in 2012.

Just one in twenty (5%) think there will be a rise in this month's MPC announcement on Thursday with 21% saying they do not know when a base rate increase will occur.

The average increase expected in the Bank of England base rate is 0.45% which equates to 0.50% when rounded up with almost half (44%) of people predicting a rise of 0.25% and over a quarter (26%) of Brits expecting at least a 0.50% increase this year.

Just one in twenty (5%) believe we are heading for a 1% rise, with 4% predicting we will see an increase of more than 1% in 2011.

Nearly two-fifths (39%) are expecting two interest rate rises in 2011 alone, however, more than a quarter (28%) predict just one increase this year.

Almost a fifth (17%) of Brits think the Bank of England Base Rate will have risen to 1.00% by the end of 2011, with a further one in ten (12%) estimating it will reach 0.75%. However, a one in ten (11%) believe it will rise above 2.00%.

One in ten (12%) Brits think the Bank of England Base Rate will still be 0.50% at the end of 2011.

One in 10 (11%) householders believe a rise in interest rates will have a significant effect on their financial circumstances, forcing some families to re-think their budgets and cut back on every day items. A further fifth (18%) think they will feel the effect meaning they need to cut back on occasional treats with 6% worrying how they will cope financially.

A third (31%) acknowledge they will be able to manage an interest rate rise whilst nearly three in 10 (28%) Brits do not expect any change in their financial situation at all.