A simple guide to property valuations

Your clients should ask more than one agent for a valuation; that way they can achieve an overall average estimate.

When estate agents look to value a property they look at the area their client lives in, the style of the house, the structural integrity, other house prices in the area and overall appearance.

But if your client wants the real deal they’ll have to pay for the privilege. When it comes to buying or selling a home it’s not a time to scrimp on the valuation. Your client may miss out on something vital which can have detrimental effects later on in the process.

A chartered accountant, mortgage lender or surveyor can give a more reliable valuation with an extensive look into the groundwork and structure of the property. A survey can cost between £120 and £600 depending how comprehensive they want it to be.

It may seem like a large and unnecessary expense but it could reveal vital faults or damage to the property.

If you’re advising a buyer remember this may give them a chance to negotiate the seller’s asking price to cover any repairs that the property requires.

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