A five step guide for clients moving home

Mortgage Introducer has devised five essential tips to for your clients as they look to move home.

Hiring a moving van

Often people go with the cheapest removal companies. This can be a gamble. Removal professionals should relieve some of the pressure and ensure that all items are safely transported and delivered in the same condition they were collected in. Some removal companies can arrange for the heavy lifting and packaging to be done prior to the move but it does cost extra for the privilege.

There is a lot of skill involved in the planning and removal of furniture and household items. Your clients will need to ensure that the moving company is reputable and check that they are a member of the British Association of Removers.

A spring clean and de-clutter

Moving house is the perfect opportunity for your clients to get rid of the old and unwanted objects that they have accumulated. If your client has enough time to plan ahead, they should clear out their cupboards and pack the unessential items into boxes. Those things they haven’t used for years, which are gathering dust, could be someone else’s gold... clients could look to have a car boot sale or put some items on Ebay? This will reduce the amount of luggage they have to move and give them more storage space in their new home.

‘How things work?’ Fact file

How nice would it be if a new home came with an instruction manual? Your clients could ask the current owners to create a ‘How to’ list of the essential appliances and they prepare a run-down of instructions for the owners in their new house. There may well be a certain way to use the boiler or the meter box might be located in an obscure place. This can save your clients considerable time.

First things first

Your clients should have the locks changed when they move so that they are fully secure. This is the only way to ensure nobody else has keys to the property.

They should also read any meters and find out who the existing suppliers are for gas/electricity. That means they should find it easier to start afresh with their bills at zero.

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