2009 changed our spending habits

The findings reveal that whilst half of us (52%) think having money is seen as more important than before the recession, over a quarter (29%) feel that having possessions is now less important to people. One in three UK adults feel that helping others in need or good causes is more important to people now than last year and two-fifths believe that having a caring and compassionate society has become more important to people.

Many people are spending less on going out and on holidays and are thinking more about the needs of their families and the environment according to the new research.

The survey carried out amongst over 2,000 UK adults in December 2009 found that more than one fifth of us have questioned our own values this year.

When looking ahead to the end of the current recession, around a third feel that money and having possessions will be less important to people. One third think that society will emerge from the recession more caring and compassionate than before.