The Mortgage Mum forms specialist finance division

It will deal with development finance, commercial buy-to-let, short-term bridging finance, complex buy-to-let, and adverse credit, as well as other finance for businesses and individuals that are considered high net worth

The Mortgage Mum forms specialist finance division

The Mortgage Mum has announced its launch into the specialist finance space, with the creation of its new sister company, The Mortgage Mum Specialist Finance.

An approved representative of New Leaf Distribution, The Mortgage Mum Specialist Finance will deal with development finance, commercial buy-to-let, short-term bridging finance, complex buy-to-let, and adverse credit, as well as being able to access other finance for businesses and individuals which are considered high net worth.

“We have noticed aspirational investors and experienced developers coming to us, looking for our company to nurture them through the process,” said Sarah Tucker, founder and managing director of The Mortgage Mum. “They want more of a one to one service, and more education wrapped around their advice, and feel comfortable to approach us to ask for this.

“They trust us ultimately, which is wonderful. We have always taken great pride in providing a bespoke VIP service, completely tailored to the client, and it’s a core USP of ours alongside the fact we are an all-female team that deal with things a little differently.”

Tucker – named one of the best women mortgage leaders in the UK by Mortgage Introducer earlier this year – said the female touch was needed in all areas of the mortgage market.

“But as with all our new ventures, we’ve been waiting for the right time,” she stressed. “We’ll always be led by the needs of our broking team and our clients, and we’re thrilled that the right time is now. We are all really excited about it.”

The specialist finance division will be led by Shelley Walker (pictured), who has been appointed as director of specialist finance. A senior mortgage broker, she was also one of the founding members of The Mortgage Mum at its launch in 2019.

“I’m so excited about this, and it feels like now is the right time,” said Walker, commenting on the launch of the new division. “Clients in this space are looking to work with a company and a team that they can completely trust. Someone who can guide them through every aspect of their goals and work with them on an ongoing basis.

“We build a uniquely strong bond with our clients, and as an active investor myself, we bring a lot of life experience, and passion to every single project. Every case and client feels very exciting and very personal.”

Jamie Lewis, co-founder and director of The Mortgage Mum, also expressed his excitement over working on and facilitating the new company, as he had extensive experience in the field through his own specialist business.

“We, at The Mortgage Mum, have always offered something different in the mortgage space, bringing with them a service that is unique, fresh, and ultimately needed,” he said. “This new venture is no exception!

“I am thrilled to be part of the next stage of the company’s growth and movement, and am looking forward to creating another Mortgage Mum success story. This team of women are fiercely passionate in their client service, and I am sure they are going to bring a fantastic new energy to the specialist space.”

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