LendInvest slashes residential mortgage rates

Rates were reduced by up to 35 basis points on 90% LTV products

LendInvest slashes residential mortgage rates

Non-bank mortgage lender LendInvest has reduced rates across its residential mortgage range to support more people in getting on to the property ladder after the challenging recent months in the mortgage market.

Rates have been reduced by up to 35 basis points on 90% loan-to-value (LTV) products as the lender continues to build its product catalogue to support qualified professionals, key workers, and customers with complex income streams and credit histories.

Applicants are also eligible for free valuations under £400, or £400 off valuation fees.

LendInvest cut rates across its residential mortgage range last month. Its residential mortgage range includes key worker mortgages, credit friendly mortgages, and qualified professional mortgages.

In March, we launched our Residential Mortgages product range to support key workers, the self-employed, and those with complex income sources that are currently underserved by the mortgage market. 🏠

Find out more about our offering today: https://t.co/fcfchrjWI9 pic.twitter.com/oURV6Qwnu3

— LendInvest (@LendInvest) April 10, 2023

The full updated details of LendInvest’s residential mortgage range can be viewed online through its intermediary website.

“We want to continue offering homeowners and their brokers the best possible product to meet their needs, and we feel by reducing rates at higher LTVs, we will support them to do that,” Sophie Mitchell-Charman (pictured), commercial director at LendInvest, commented.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback to our technology since launch and as deals have completed. Now, we want to support more people to see the benefit of that technology.”

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