Habito launches Habito Go

With Habito Go, buyers are able to ‘upgrade’ their mortgage recommendation to a guarantee of funds.

Habito launches Habito Go

Habito has launched ‘Habito Go’, a home-financing service designed to give first-time buyers the advantages and negotiating power usually only enjoyed by cash buyers.

With Habito Go, buyers are able to ‘upgrade’ their mortgage recommendation to a guarantee of funds to buy the property in cash, while they simultaneously continue their mortgage application through Habito’s brokerage.

Daniel Hegarty, founder and chief executive of Habito, said:“All our research tells us that home-buying is riddled with uncertainty and a lack of control that most people just don’t feel equipped for. And first-time buyers probably have it the hardest.

“With Habito Go, we hope to alleviate this by arming buyers with the power of a cash offer for their dream home while giving sellers the reassurance of a guaranteed sale that is achievable in a fraction of the time normally required to complete a purchase.”

A YouGov for Habito showed that a third (34%) of sellers said they would be more likely to consider accepting an offer from a buyer if they were to pay in cash.

Habito Go has also been designed to alleviate the fear of uncertainty associated with buying, something which affects almost half (47%) of first-time buyers.

While the process often takes weeks or even months, Habito said Habito Go buyers can get the keys to their home from two weeks into the process.

And typically, approved Habito Go customers can get their loan offer from 24 hours in.

Habito said that Habito Go customers can expect to make a saving on the asking price of their property with a cash offer.

Andrew Hagger, personal finance expert, added:“'Habito Go is a new and innovative product that has the potential to wipe out some of the major hassle factors encountered by first-time buyers.

“The speeding up of the process and ability to negotiate a 'cash buyer' type discount could be highly beneficial and many borrowers could see some or all of the product fee costs negated due to a lower purchase price being achieved.

“Removing stress, worry and giving first-time buyers a greater chance of getting their number one choice of home - rather than always wondering what might have been when you've had to settle for second, third or fourth choice - is a great benefit of Habito Go.”