Brits find moving house too stressful

Some 60% have been put off moving because of the pressure involved.

Brits find moving house too stressful

Over a third (40%) of Brits find moving house more stressful than other life events such as getting divorced, estate agent Yopa has found.

Over half (60%) said they’ve been put off even looking for a new home because of the pressure involved in the process.

Chris Rosindale, operations director at Yopa, said:“The study has uncovered some pretty shocking stats about how many people consider moving home with one of the most stressful life events.

“It is problematic that people feel unable or unwilling to move because of the stresses and strains of actually moving house.

“At Yopa we’re committed to keeping Britain moving smoothly and we want to help home movers combat stress and feel empowered rather than lose sleep over the thought of moving home.”

Some 34% of Brits suffered severe anxiety during their last move, whilst 40% were left feeling depressed and the same percentage claimed they became physically ill by the process.

Nearly two-thirds of people (65%) said they had suffered from sleep deprivation over moving house.

Despite these figures, 62% of people think that moving home can make them happier and felt it would be a less stressful process if estate agents fees were lower (42%) and if there was more transparency throughout (37%).