Air unveils new-look adviser training program

Advisers who successfully complete the program will earn accredited status

Air unveils new-look adviser training program

Lending platform Air has unveiled its new-look Air Academy, a fully interactive training program designed to upskill and support advisers operating in the later life lending sector.

The program provides eight learning modules which are fully accredited by the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) and aligned to the Equity Release Council’s Competency Framework.

Each module covers the following topics: the industry, the later life lending market, the clients and meeting their needs, soft skills, the later life lending products, the later life lending process, later life lending in the broader context, and building a client proposition. The academy provides advisers with insight, support, and content.

Once advisers have successfully completed the program, they will earn accredited status and gain permission to display a unique ‘Accredited Later Life Lending Professional’ digital badge to promote their later life credentials.

This platform is designed to aid continuous professional development and to retain accredited status. They will also be expected to complete further training on an annual basis to ensure that they remain on top of what is happening in this fast-moving industry.

The modules are housed inside an e-learning platform to create a more engaging experience for advisers. Alongside developing an adviser’s understanding of the later life market and achieving accreditation, those who complete the courses will also be able to access exclusive products from lenders.

“With the later life lending industry rapidly developing and changing, advisers are more focused than ever on building their skill set and understanding how they can best support their customers,” Stuart Wilson, chief executive at Air, said.

“We are, therefore, delighted to unveil the new look Air Academy which is designed to be the training platform for advisers wishing to hone their skills in this market.”

John Somerville, head of financial services at the London Institute of Banking & Finance, said LIBF was also delighted to be working with Air to accredit its academy and to encourage advisers to keep learning throughout their careers.

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“The new ‘Accredited Later Life Lending Professional’ badge will help to build further trust in the industry and to demonstrate the high standards and good practice that we all value,” Somerville said.

“With the later-life lending market growing significantly over recent years, we’re finding many more advisers want to do more in this area. While the CeMAP and CeReR qualifications are essential foundations for a mortgage career, it’s vital advisers keep learning and honing their skills as new approaches, products, and ideas enter the market.”